Our Team

Core Team Members

Anne Hunnell Chen, Ph.D.

Project Founder and Co-Director

Holly Rushmeier, Ph.D.

Technical Lead and Project Co-Director

Adnan Al Mohamad, MA

Arabic Translation Coordinator

Jihan Assaf

Assistant Arabic Translation Coordinator

Scott DiGiulio, Ph.D.

Inscriptional Encoding Advisor

Kat Thornton

Wikimedian in Residence

Kenneth Seals-Nutt

Wikimedian in Residence

Carl “CJ” Rice

Junior Faculty fellow in inscriptional documentation

Current Student Assistants

Eleanor Martin

Graduate Assistant in Data Development and Curation

Jasmine Sahu-Hough

Graduate Assistant in Data Development and Curation

Emily Helm

Graduate Assistant in Data Development and Curation

Aïda Sidhoum

Research Coordinator

Federica Cuccato

Undergraduate Assistant in Data Development and Curation

Maxime Guénette

Graduate Assistant in Data Development and Curation

Past Student Assistants

Julia Pelletier

Helena Grabowska

Mary Jiang

Jay Evans

Augustin Johnson

Coulson Matto

Samantha Simon

Melissa Sidley

Mohamad Eisa

Salman Alnoor

Ali Rajabi

Grace Molinaro

Khadija Ghanizada

Emily Costello

Former Team Members

Ilaria Bucci: Post-doctoral fellow in inscriptional documentation

International Advisory Board

Asaad Alsaleh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, Indiana University

Jennifer Baird, Ph.D.

Professor of Archaeology, Dept. of History, Classics & Archaeology, Birkbeck University

John Bodel, Ph.D.

W. Duncan MacMillan II Professor of Classics, Professor of History, Brown University

Lisa Brody, Ph. D.

Associate Curator of Ancient Art, Yale University Art Gallery

Gaëlle Coqueugniot, Ph.D.

Maison Archéologie & Ethnologie in Nanterre (CNRS)

Lena Denis, MS, MA

Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries

Lucinda Dirven, Ph.D.

Professor of Antique Religions, Radboud University

Blair Fowlkes Childs, Ph.D.

Visiting Lecturer, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU

Felicity Harley-McGowan, Ph.D.

Lecturer in History of Art, Yale Divinity School

Ted Kaizer, Ph.D.

Professor of Classics and Ancient History, Durham University

Matthew McCarty, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies, University of British Columbia

Karen Stern, Ph.D.

Professor of History, Brooklyn College

Yale Arab Students Association Representative: TBD